In our Guideline we will describe the explanations as precisely as possible. If it is still unclear or you prefer a real person, just contact us.


All OWN services, server and domain, will be installed after receiving your payment. We will then send you all important information by email. With which you can connect into your server in the following guides.

Server & Domain

If you choose to use OWN services, a OWN server and OWN domain is required to create your own personal space.
If your desired domain is still available, you can for example get your own email server with your own domain. Such as Name.Lastname@Company-Name.NZ ( or Name@Lastname.NZ ( Accordingly, your services such as Cloud & Chat will be called - or
The agony of choice is yours. However, we are happy to help you with your choice and are available to you at any time.

If you need SSH connection(s), please let us know when ordering or by email. This can also be done at any time.


All Shared services are explained here.

VPN Server

We do not have the capacity yet to be a VPN provider for all our customers.

DNS Server

Follow the link and select your operating system.

Config file

1. server_names
Change your dnscrypt-proxy.toml config file.

server_names = ['']

2. Sources
Disable all


3. Anonymized DNS
Go to the bottom routes = [ and add:

routes = [
    { server_name='', via=['sdns://gRI0NS4xMzIuMjQ1Ljk1OjQ0MzQ'] }

4. Static
Scroll down to the bottom and add the TECH SAVIOURS server in static and stamp:

    stamp = 'sdns://AQcAAAAAAAAAEjQ1LjEzMi4yNDUuOTU6NDQzNCAaKOG7s_XPRo0TVYMDCtgWPemMyDThFEe1os3q_As_UCAyLmRuc2NyeXB0LWNlcnQudGVjaHNhdmlvdXJzLm9yZw'

Restart the service or reconnect your client.

Questions & Answers

Why is there no shared VPN service?

We do not yet have the capacity to be a VPN provider for all our customers.


We also provide you a platform to install the services yourself in your OWN home.
Just go to our TECH SAVIOURS .ORG website. There we also provide various online services for free, for all our customers and other interested visitors.